Lion’s Mane mushrooms have a slight crab or lobster flavor, and are becoming known as the brain mushroom.  As people are aging they lose the plasticity in their brains and Lion’s Mane mushroom is known to improve that condition. It is no wonder older Americans are turning to the natural goodness of these tasty mushrooms.

There are a lot of benefits from eating Lion’s Mane, using one of the dried forms, or tinctures. According to, there are nine benefits to using Lion’s Mane mushrooms.  On their website, they do a great job of listing the reliable sources to verify their information.  Please visit their sight to get all the details and supporting sources.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms can protect against Dementia, helps relieve mild symptoms of Anxiety and Depression, may speed recovery from nervous system injuries, protect against ulcers in the digestive tract, reduces heart disease risk, helps manage diabetes symptoms, may help fight cancer, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and it boosts the immune system.