Washoe Valley Mushrooms

Washoe Valley Mushrooms is a family-owned business dedicated to producing the finest quality gourmet mushrooms. Our efficient and sustainable methods allow us to cultivate and supply mushrooms year-round. We strive to provide only the highest quality mushrooms, grown on our farm using organic growing methods.

Washoe Valley Mushrooms began as a project to provide healthy food to people in our community by making the most of our resources.  Since, our family has been farming and ranching for over 60 years, it made sense to tackle this experiment and see if we could be successful in growing the “Prima Donna” Shiitake mushroom.  As the only commercial producer of Shiitake mushrooms in Northern Nevada, it has empowered us to provide the best for our area, along with an expansion to include Lion’s Mane mushrooms.  Levi, Linda and Paul all work together in this family owned business to produce the healthiest organic mushrooms to benefit as many people as possible, in our expanding market.